When exhibiting at an event you want to know the people, you’re meeting have the authority and desire to specify your products and services.

That’s why Hospitality Interiors has undertaken a survey* of potential attendees to identify their buying needs and the format, time and location of the event that they want – providing you with confidence that your customers and potential new customers will be attending The Hospitality Interiors Show.

Hospitality Interiors, the leading brand for the sector, is behind the show launch. As part of the process a thorough research campaign was undertaken.

*conducted Sept-Nov 2018.

About the brand behind
the show

  • 69% read more than 65% of each issue
  • 95% rate the magazine Good to Excellent
  • 64% would choose Hospitality Interiors if they could only receive one magazine in the sector
  • 74% of readers make purchasing decisions based on Hospitality Interiors
  • 89% felt there was a need for a dedicated hospitality design event
  • 95% said they would attend The Hospitality Interiors Show
  • 86% purchasing decision makers

Spending power

  • 3% have more than £10m per annum
  • 4% have £5m-£10m
  • 11% have £1m-£5m
  • 31% have £500k-£1m

Product requirements

  • 74% furniture
  • 65% lighting
  • 58% soft furnishings
  • 58% surfaces
  • 48% bathrooms, fixtures & fittings
  • 45% art & accessories
  • 38% outdoor furniture
  • 27% tableware
  • 16% pool, gym & wellness