Conference Streams

As befits the dynamic and diverse and multi-discipline nature of the hospitality design industry, the breadth of presentations, conversations and panel discussions across our two Stages – THIS Business Stage and THIS Innovation Stage – are currently being designed to illuminate, stimulate and educate.

The variety of individuals and companies represented across the two Stages will range from senior-level executives of leading architecture and design firms through artisan designer-makers and leading product suppliers, owners and operators of hospitality portfolios as well as single property specialist as well as experts from services and technology backgrounds. We are also focused on delivering a number of significant guests whose candour and insight will prove entertaining and very much be worth hearing.

With a desire to deliver up-to-the-minute content, the precise detail of subject matter is being developed and further honed at this time. Rest assured however, we are determined to create a compelling, well-judged and compelling range of content which we believe will be of interest, and value, to THIS visitors.

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